Total body care salon Rasayus CEO Shizuka Jinno

Hello, my name is Shizuka Jinno, CEO of Mindful Life.

The salon name, “Rasayus” is derived from combining two Sanscrit words, Rasa (sense of taste, emotion), and Ayus (life).
Rasa is an Ayurveda concept, where sense of taste is said to affect emotion, and we are said to subconsciously choose foods that help to reset our state of being when our emotions are unstable. By selecting the appropriate “Rasa,” it is said that we can reset out bodies to its “origin.”
Ayus is also an Ayurveda concept, meaning life.
Rasayus, which combines Rasa and Ayus, was born under the desire to provide a spiritual and physical release in a relaxing environment by helping the body revert back to its origin and recuperate.
At the total body care Rasayus, we provide a customized approach for each client, in order to bring about his or her “best condition” through conversation with individual physical conditions. (By introduction-only for men.)
Offered menu includes esthetic treaments (myofascial release, skeletal facial, Krauter peel), body core reversion stretch method with taping, and daily active training support, as well as a wide variety of other treatments.

Advisory Doctor

emi Skin Clinic Shoto Hospital Director
Dr. Emi Nakazaki

Healthy, natural beauty is what is important, and we support you in regaining that healthy beauty based on the concept of attractive aging.
Medical practice from broader perspectives that combine Western, Eastern, and aesthetic medicine has become popular.


3-1-23 Katsuradazinguumae Bld.3F, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0001, Japan

5 minutes walk from Gaienmae station



TEL 03-6447-0363

Reception time 10:00〜20:00